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Design $25

Normally we start with your design, some are simple with just some text and others are more complex like your logo and text.  Just email us with your idea (on a napkin is fine) or your existing company logo so we can "digitize" the design into a Stitch file for our embroidery machines. Once we receive the email we can design a few different styles then you can choose the best one for you! When complete and we have the Stitch File we can use this on all your apparel or patches, so this is a one time fee. While we are building your design you can shop for your apparel, patches will be quoted after the design is ready. You can shop for apparel in several ways;

Go Shopping and Make your Order

You can shop on line:

Make your order today, we contact you for payment later!

Apply - $6, $12+

Now we can get busy and apply your logo or design to your apparel or patches. This will be applied the amount of stitches our machine makes and by the Hoop. Once your design is ready we will know the Stitch count of your logo. The more Stitches you have the harder our machines have to work so the pricing is;

Small Hoop under 5,000 Stitches $6*
Large Hoop under 10,000 Stitches $12*
XL Hoop under 15,000 Stitches $24*

*for stitch counts over the above totals add 0.85 cents per 1000 stitches.

So, make sure you add this price to each piece of apparel when calculating how much your spending on your order, this price is not always included in the our shopping cart price.


We will contact you when your order is ready. You can pickup (by appointment) or we can ship your order and in some cases we can even deliver your order to you.

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