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Let My Sewing Shop design your logo! What we do is take your concept and then we bring your idea to life. If you already have a logo no problem!

Here are the steps to get your logo ready for embroidery or screen printing.

  • Via email we take your logo or concept and we build a few different styles and colors.
  • You choose the one you want then we fine tune it.
  • We run out a sample so you can see how your logo actually looks.
  • Finalize the design, get your approval.
  • Take that design, build an embroidery file turning the logo into a stitch file, ready for our machines. Or get the logo screen print ready.
  • Production starts on the apparel you choose.
  • When ready you get a call your apparel is ready for pickup, delivery or shipment.

Let My Sewing Shop get started on your logo today!

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