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Trex Cooling Tower Inc.

      In May 1995 Trex Cooling Tower Inc. was started by Rex Van Wagoner. He had been working in the industrial mining and industrial construction industry for many years. A short time after Trex Cooling Tower Inc. was founded they began repairing, installing, and rebuilding cooling towers within the Utah and Idaho borders.  In 2002 Trex Cooling Tower Inc. expanded its business in to Nevada and Arizona.  As of 2008 they continued to grow in size and also expanded in to Wyoming. Over the past 14 years Trex Cooling Tower Inc. has maintained many cooling towers for customers in multiple industries. These include such industries as:  mining, power, chemical, refinery, and manufacturing.  Also, Trex Inc. provides the same services for a number of commercial customers: hospitals, hotels, banks, phone companies, etc.

The following cooling tower services are provided by Trex Cooling Tower Inc.

  New tower sizing
  Complete tower installation including, sweeper pipe system, separator, and pumps.
  Reconstruction of your tower to OEM specifications.
  Customized fill for your tower.
  Performance improvements
  Providing sand blasting and a number of coatings to fit your needs.
  Tower repairs and part replacements available

Trex Cooling Tower Inc. provides a complete cooling tower maintenance service from tower inspection with a written report, that help you to better maintain your cooling tower to cleaning  your towers fill, basins  and casing. Let the Experienced professionals at Trex Cooling Tower Inc. keep    your tower clean, the belts tighten, check the fan blades pitch, align the drive shaft, change gear box oil, and rebuild or replace the gear box or motor for you. Trex Cooling Tower Inc. can customize a service plan, and can also set a maintenance schedule that will best fit your needs. Trex Cooling Tower Inc. is a Marley Cooling Tower authorized service provider.  Trex Inc employees also have experienced working with many other brands of cooling towers. So give us a call today 

 Utah - (801) 597-0953
Nevada - (702) 221-8739
Arizona - (602)751-2273